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A healthy baby girl at 4.15 kg, Clara "THE IMPALER" Candeira Faulkner was born April 25th at 13.55h (GMT+10) || first big poo April 27th around 0300h (GMT+10) || jill stop cybering everybody pls

MetaFilter thread on bullying in North American schools

seti: sad reading

Pandemic Severity Index

coderman: "The report recommends four primary measures for slowing down a pandemic:"
coderman: 1) Isolation and treatment of people who have suspected or confirmed cases of pandemic influenza
coderman: 2) Voluntary home quarantine of household contacts of those with suspected or confirmed pandemic influenza
coderman: 3) Dismissing school classes and closing daycare centers
coderman: 4) Changing work schedules and canceling large public gatherings
seti: The current WHO phase of pandemic alert is 3.
seti: Scary comments
seti: Mexico news coverage: special powers granted to president, doctors reported that anti-viral medications and even steroids were working well against the disease
seti: detailed timeline so far

Cytokine storm

seti: Lots of {{cn}} in that article
seti: it hints that healthy people are more susceptible to Asian Flu and now Swine Flu
coderman: but no worries, i'm a young, healthy individual... oh wait.

trolling Australian newspapers

got root?

surrael: people who use these kind of tactics consciously and remorselessly ... deserve the current global economic crisis .. just wish there was one every day just for them
surrael: you will be filtered out ... we each create our own karma
surrael: aka "empty vessels make the most noise"

What if an A-List Blogger Decides to Take You Down?

surrael: that is a quote
surrael: dude, the pic ... are you trolling? this page begs to be taken down, for that alone ...

keyword suggestions ... give it a word, it gives back terms that contain that word, with ranking stats

surrael: but doesn't give you sysonyms etc ...


surrael: or so the mythos goes
surrael: and wikipedia is trying to tell me that the name is not derived from the egyption dog-headed god set? ... yeah right...
surrael: well maybe for once wikipedia is right ...
surrael: the idea that Set gives use the word set as in sunset seems far-fetched, given "Seth was the god of wind and storms and ruler of the deserts."
surrael: but the same page does seem to affirm the idea that Horus is related to horizon
surrael: and Nut to night...
surrael: not to mention, that the origin of Amen is in Egyptian mythology, pre-biblical
surrael: oh .. and the proper pronunciation of "Ra"? .. more like "Ray" ... ...
surrael: Ray, the sun-god's story


surrael: Yesterday's chump

The Cure - Plainsong (live)

surrael: cry now, emo boy

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