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some say that my appointment to this position was political

nomise: I can assure thee that nothing is further from the truth

cunt soup

nomise: 'surprise'
nomise: "...formalises what was already..."
nomise: cunt soup
nomise: cunt soup USA
nomise: operation CUNTSOUP
nomise: #cuntsoup
nomise: they stopped making burgers, now they make soup.
nomise: out of cunts.
nomise: out of cunts? no more soup.
nomise: waiter! there's a cunt in my soup!
nomise: is there sir? well it is cunt soup.
nomise: i think i'll take the burger instead
nomise: no more burgers, only soup, and there is none, we're out of cunt.
nomise: (F) 2016
holoirc: for dessert, monkeydick porridge
nomise: OK. That's my swearing done for this'eve. Any other business?

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